Welcome to ML@GT by the Director

Welcome to ML@GT, a new interdisciplinary research center at Georgia Tech dedicated to the study and application of machine learning—one of the fastest developing research areas impacting computing, engineering, sciences and many other disciplines.

What makes machine learning so important? If you’re visiting this site, you probably already have an answer to that question. But for those new to the field, think of it this way: For all their power and ever-increasing capabilities, computers historically have actually been pretty dumb. They tended to do only what you explicitly told them to do. Of course, ever more sophisticated software (running on ever more sophisticated machines) could carry a lot of instructions, but at the end of day, humans still needed to tell the machine exactly how to respond to each individual circumstance and how to make inferences.

Machine learning changes all that. Now we can provide computers not just with instructions but with the means to learn from their observations and the data they collect. In effect, we enable computers to response to circumstances “on the ground”—or in outer space, or somewhere along the supply chain, or up in the cloud in the midst of billions of terabytes of constantly changing data.

At Georgia Tech, we recognize machine learning to be a game-changer not just in computer science, but in a broad range of scientific, engineering, and business disciplines and practices. And the faculty membership of ML@GT reflects that broad thinking, with dozens of affiliated researchers from the Institute’s Colleges of Computing, Engineering, Sciences, Business, and other areas.

I invite you to peruse our new website to get a feel for what machine learning can do and how Georgia Tech will study and apply it. Whether you already work in machine learning or are a student interested to learn how you can incorporate ML into your studies, we’d like to work with you.

Feel feel to drop us a note. We can all help make the machines all around us just a little bit smarter.

Irfan Essa

Director, ML@GT
Professor & Associate Dean, College of Computing