Reading Groups and ML Courses

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If you are interested in joining a reading group this spring, please see below for a list of machine learning related groups. You’ll also find a list of ML-related courses being offered this semester (Spring 2020.) Be sure to keep them in mind as you schedule classes in future semesters.

Neither of these lists are complete lists, so feel free to seek out additional reading groups or classes that fit your interests and schedule.


ML Spring 2020 Reading Groups

*please contact the faculty member leading the group for more information


NLP and Social Interaction with Diyi Yang

Wednesday from 1:55-2:45pm

CCB 53


Reinforcement Learning Theory with Siva Theja Maguluri

Friday from 1-2:30pm

Groseclose 404

More information


Differential Privacy with Rachel Cummings

Meeting date/time TBD


Statistical Learning Theory with Yao Xie

We plan to cover basic theoretical foundation from reading slides lectures and papers to start research in this area

Time TBD

ISyE, Room TBD


Law and Ethics of Machine Learning with Deven Desai

Location and time to be announced soon


Computer Vision Reading Group

Wednesday’s from 2-3 p.m.

Coda C1215 Midtown


NLP Reading Group

Every other Friday beginning 2/14 from 12-1 p.m. in Coda C1315 Grant Park

The group will meet for one hour each week, 12-1 PM on every other Friday, starting Feb 14 (pizza provided!). We will discuss recent papers in NLP research that have been published in top conferences such as ACL, EMNLP, and AAAI, and the papers will cover a variety of topics including contextual language models, model interpretability, bias detection, and text generation. The discussion will be led by one student volunteer who will present a short overview of the paper and provide engaging questions for group discussion. All participants are expected to read the paper prior to the meeting.

All those interested should (1) look at the list of paper suggestions here and (2) send an email to Ian ( or Jiaao ( to be added to the mailing list for the reading group.


Jacob Abernethy and Xiaoming Huo also plan on hosting reading groups this semester. Please contact them if you are interested in participating.


ML Spring 2020 Courses


ECE 4271

Instructor: Ghassan AlRegib


ISYE 6662 – Discrete Optimization

Instructor: Alejandro Toriello


CS 4650/7650 Natural Language Processing

Instructor: Diyi Yang


CS 4476/6476 – Computer Vision

Instructor: Judy Hoffman


CS 4496/7497 - Computer Animation

Instructor: Sehoon Ha

*covers a bit of reinforcement learning


ISYE 6402 – Time Series Analysis

Instructor: Xiaoming Huo


ISYE 6783 – Financial Data Analysis

Instructor:  Xiaoming Huo


ECE 8803 – Probabilistic Graphical Models

Instructor: Faramarz Fekri


PUBP 8751

Instructor: Omar I. Asensio


ECON 8803 – Big Data and Policy

Instructor: Omar I. Asensio


CS 3510 – Algorithms

Instructor: Constatine Dovrolis


BMED 6517 – Machine Learning in Biosciences

Instructor: Peng Qiu


CSE 6240: Web Search and Text Mining

Instructor: Srijan Kumar

It discusses several important machine learning topics including text mining, network science, and social media analytics. 


CS6550: Continuous Algorithms: Optimization and Sampling

Instructor: Santosh Vempala 


AE 8803: Optimal Transport Theory and Applications

Instructor: Yongxin Chen